EMMY Nominated…Fingers Crossed!

My apologies for the long pause, but things haven’t slowed down here enough at TLoEH H.Q. for me to gather my thoughts. Here’s the latest:

Earlier this Spring I had the opportunity to do some more work with Kelli and Estlin Feigley, the folks at Dreaming Tree Films. I had previously collaborated with them in 2013 on their film The Stream, and this time it was for a television show they were producing called Moochie Kalala Detectives Club starring Tim Kazurinsky (Saturday Night Live). Estlin wanted to edit some scenes to TLoEH tracks, so I remixed a few songs without the vocal tracks and wrote some new material, including the show’s theme song. The show ran all Spring and Summer on WTTW in Chicago and has recently been nominated for an EMMY Award. I’ve also just started working on the prog soundtrack to their next film, which is a sci-fi feature.

Our 2015 UK Tour this Summer was fabulous, and thank you again for all who helped get us there. Our first London show had some technical issues, Sheffield was packed, the private party on a farm in Wales was mind boggling, Edingurgh was loud (way too loud), Prog Magazine gave us a great review for our performance in Glasgow, Liverpool was nostalgic, Cardigan was sold out, our London show at The Half Moon was incredible and it was an honor to meet Twink, who performed that evening with Sendelica. In short, an excellent tour. I did learn a lesson about venues and promoting, and we will be playing more festivals the next time around (which appears to be the Summer of 2016 as I’ve already commited to a date…or two…).

The Half Moon show in London was to promote the release of Dave Thompson’s book A Seance At Syd’s, which gave us our first appearance in the literary world, and I was honored to create the paperback cover art. My artwork was also used along with Dale Simpson’s wonderful cover artwork on the limited edition hard cover published by Mega Dodo.

While we were in Wales, Keith (our loving and kind Father at Fruits de Mer Records) gave us the opportunity to record a live album in Mwnci Studios, located at a stunning old manor surrounded by antiques. We got to hang out with our friends in Sendelica and the bands did a bit of cross pollenating on some recordings that will be released next year by FdM. The experience was thee highlight of our trip, and pure magick. Something I will always remember.

Side Effects, the 4LP box set on Fruits de Mer Records, sold out before it was officially released! I had fun creating all of the (Roger Dean influenced) artwork and doing the layout for that project. I’m saddened by the passing of Chris Squire, but it was great fun creating our rendition of YES’ Starship Trooper. Both he and Roger Dean were some of my childhood heroes. R.I.P. Master Squire.

The Psychedelic Furs’ guitarist, Rich Good, thoroughly enjoyed our set when we shared a bill this Summer and with a bit of luck, we’ll hitch up again. It was raining all during our set, but by the end there was quite a sea of umbrellas and the crowd exploded for our final song. Like the reviewer in Prog Magazine said about our Glasgow show, “they deserve a larger audience!”

I’m not going to make my self impossed deadline for The Acceleration of Time. The songs are finally all coming together and quite a few are near complete, but there is a lot more to do to get it where I think it needs to be. That being said, I am starting to love it. I hope you’ll love it too. With a little luck the album will be completed by the holidays. Okay, I need to get back to work.

This Saturday is the EMMY Awards Ceremony. Keep your fingers crossed!

Wrapping Up The Present

We’re nearing the end of another amazing year for TLoEH, with the release of our first single on Headspin Records. THE HAPPINE$$ VENDING MACHINE limited edition 7 inch (300) comes in a choice of two colors (Yellow/White mix or Pink/White mix) and includes one of our authentic TLoEH happiness notes, each of which is hand stamped with a copper $. For the front cover I took a photo of foreign monetary notes and coins that were given to me by friends or collected while traveling (see if you can find the Hell Bank note or the German Reichsmark), and I took apart my Sequential Circuits Pro One and snapped a shot of the circuit board for the back cover (yes, the Buddha and the psychedelic mushrooms are really stamped on it). The singles are in line to be manufactured at the record plant now, but with the renewed popularity of vinyl records, that line is long. With a little luck we’ll see them before the end of the year.

For all of you Fruits de Mer fans, not only are we included in the box set Postcards From The Deep that’s currently available at www.fruitsdemerrecords.com , but we have 50 copies of our clear Psychotic Reaction flexi-disk and the wonderful postcard with artwork by Mick Dillingham that will be one of the many collectible premiums to be included in our Kickstarter campaign next Spring, along with our next album The Acceleration Of Time (a limited edition CD pop up package) and some more amazing things are in the works. (Hang tight Neil Gaiman fans!)
All of this will be to help us once again cross the Atlantic and tour Europe to play a small series of shows in August, the first of which is a soon to be announced festival in Wales on Saturday August 8th, with Bevis Frond, Sendelica and more. This will be stupendous!

There’s a review of THE HAPPINE$$ VENDING MACHINE in the current issue #43 of Shindig! Magazine. Did you catch our feature in issue #42? It’s just one of the great reviews that have been coming in around the world. We’ve just had our first review of Victoria Moon in Japan and it’s awesome as well! Goldmine Magazine helped TLoEH celebrate our 25th Anniversary with a phenomenal article that’s well worth a read: http://www.goldminemag.com/news/artist-news/living-luck-eden-hall-25-years-chicagos-finest

Here are some Christmas shopping ideas: http://theluckofedenhall.bandcamp.com

Thank you all for your support and for making this madness worth while. Have a fabulous holiday and new year!

They’re Flying Off The Shelf!

What an amazing summer. I’ve been so busy I haven’t even had the time to sit and write a blog entry. The long awaited vinyl release of Victoria Moon has had a very successful start with Shiny Beast claiming “They’re flying off the shelf!” and it’s remained in the top three on our European distributor, Clearspot’s Best Seller list since it’s release. (That’s out of hundreds of releases folks!) We have a two-page article in the current issue of Shindig! Magazine (No. 42) with a photo and everything. It’s in honor of our 25th Anniversary as a band. Twenty five years of underground obscurity coming to an end, thanks to Fruits de Mer Records, Headspin Records, Bucketfull of Brains, Shindig!, Classic Rock, Record Collector, Goldmine, a small army of DJs and Bloggers throughout the world and YOU. Mainly in the United Kingdom, but there are sparks in all of Europe, Australia and North America. With your help we just may get a fire going. (Call your local DJs and request our music.) I think I’ve found another US distributor, along with CD Baby to get our records out to the states, which is going to be a tremendous help. In the space between the chaos we’ve been writing for our next project, The Acceleration of Time, and the first single The Happine$$ Vending Machine has been getting tons of press and airplay. Headspin Records claimed, “It’s a hit!” and it looks like the single will get a 7” vinyl pressing in the near future. Our next FdM release will be in November on Postcards From The Deep, a set of ten flexi-disc postcards, with art by Mick Dillingham who wrote humbling liner notes on the back of the Victoria Moon LP. We’ve covered Psychotic Reaction by the Count Five. I guarantee it’s going to be grooooovy! I’ve started working on booking dates for our 2015 European Tour and we’ll be running another Kickstarter campaign next year to help fund it, so stay tuned…by the way, get your colored vinyl LPs here: http://theluckofedenhall.bandcamp.com.

This Is Red.

Victoria Moon is a discrete symbolic political statement of a time whose train of thought is coming to an end. Four men dressed in one hundred year old horse and buffalo fur jackets posing in front of a pile of felled trees, a double-barreled flintlock rifle, a giant flower, the time traveling Dr. Who’s famous scarf, an era when you could imagine being greeted by the bird headed inhabitants of a moon you’ve reached while riding in a hot air balloon. Wispy thin sounds of gramophone’s spinning fuzzy dream sequences at an eternal soiree. Infamous Native American warriors performing sideshow tattered spectacle in fountains of buffalo nickels. The madness of old age when realizing you are still just the same little girl you’ve always been, happily sad in twirling circles. Covering eons of distance enlightened to the thought that you are, and always will be here and now. Blaming your misfortune on faeries and devils, Gods and aliens. An extremely developed seed-spreading organism on the never-ending quest for love, searching for a magic pill to distort your perception of the light, the truth. Drunk on electrical currents, propelled forward to the beginning by high wheeler horsepower and mustache rider affection. Zap! One hundred eighty grams of petroleum by product pressed into succulent cherry red platters filled with sonic cordials wrapped in a gatefold jacket. Pre-order now at http://theluckofedenhall.bandcamp.com

Let the Crabstocks Begin!

This Friday we’ll be headlining Crabstock USA, one of four Fruits de Mer Record’s festivals of psychedelia happening across the globe. This show’s sponsored by WPKN fm in Bridgeport and the club is The Outer Space in Hamden Connecticut. The first 20 people in the door get a copy of our limited edition Greatest Hits Vol. 1 CD, sponsored by Active Listener Records (New Zealand). It’s only $5 to get in, plus everyone will receive a goodie bag at the door that includes a couple limited edition FdM compilation CDs. That’s a lot of swag plus three great bands (The Luck of Eden Hall, Sky Picnic, The Seventh Ring of Saturn) for the price of a cup of coffee and a roll!
Our next FdM release date is scheduled for September and we’ve been asked to work on a couple more possibilities for release as well. I shan’t give you any hints of the content other than we said Yes.
I’ve started working on art for the Victoria Moon LP to be released on Headspin Records (Netherlands) this summer. There will be 500 copies pressed, with a portion (maybe all) on lovely red vinyl. We’re all very excited, to say the least. I’ve also started working on booking shows to help promote the release so we may be coming to your town.
I have interviews on CKCU and WPKN this week, and another one scheduled on WLUW in a May. The new issue of Bucketfull Of Brains (UK) features an interview with FdM Record’s Keith Jones and myself and our moniker (The Luck of Eden Hall) made the front cover again! Available now for pre-order at: bucketfullofbrains.blogspot.com
Come celebrate National Record Store Day at Vintage Vinyl in Evanston Illinois, the best record store on the planet, on Saturday April 19th. Our hour-long set that includes some new live material will start around Noon, so come early because we’ll be giving away a thing or two plus we have limited edition vinyl for sale. All ages are welcome and admission is free.
Thank you again to everyone who participated in our successful Kickstarter event. All of the money we raised will go right back into creating music and producing the quality product you expect from The Luck of Eden Hall. We’re honored to have you all aboard!



Cereal Box Psychedelic Pop

To say we’re on a sugar high is putting it mildly…
1) We received word today that Headspin Records, the label that released Butterfly Revolutions Vol. 1 & 2 as a double LP last year has decided to release Victoria Moon as a very limited edition LP. Only 300 copies will be pressed. We see red vinyl in our future…
2) A few hours ago we we’re approached by Nathan Ford to put together a “Greatest Hits” compilation CD that will be sponsored by his groovy New Zealand site The Active Listener and available only on Bandcamp. The album will include Twelve of TLoEH’s all time favorite compositions from the last 25 years. We’ll get more information out to you when it’s ready…
3) The movie Curvey composed the soundtrack for last year called The Stream (www.thestreammovie.com) has been released on DVD and is being distributed in Europe. The producers at Dreaming Tree Films are big fans of The Luck of Eden Hall and have chosen to use our songs exclusively for a children’s television show they’re producing called Moochie Kalala’s Detective Club, featuring Tim Kazurinsky (Saturday Night Live). Curvey composed the theme song too. More information to come…
4) Our good friend Keith Jones at Fruits de Mer Records is putting together Crabstock USA, the sister version of Crabstock happening in Wales this Spring. Crabstock USA will take place on the eastern seaboard during early April (working on the venue now, hold on…), and the line up includes The Seventh Ring Of Saturn, Sky Picnic and The Luck of Eden Hall. The first 100 people in the door will receive a FREE FdM compilation CD (you know, the one’s that end up on EBay for outrageous cash, like the goody bag from last Summer’s All-Dayer in London). We are thrilled to say the least and looking forward to meeting our East coast friends…
5) TLoEH’s next FdM release will be our very own rendition of Count Five’s psych hit Psychotic Reaction pressed on a lovely 7” x 7” postcard bearing artwork by the talented Mr. Mick Dillingham. That’s right, like the cereal box records your Grandma has in her keepsake chest. A complete set of ten different postcards with original artwork and ten different songs from ten different FdM bands. Sold separately to be sure, but we believe the phrase is “collect them all!”
6) You want more?! It’s not even the end of January yet. Stay tuned…

2013 UK Tour

The time has come! We’ll be heading to the UK on August 5th for a whirlwind cross country tour, Sheffield, Glasgow, Cardigan and our final stop is in London for a Fruits de Mer Records All-Dayer sponsored by Record Collector Magazine, who gave our Butterfly Revolutions LP a fabulous 4 Star review in this month’s issue. We’ll be recording all of the shows with the intention of releasing a Live in the UK CD and Mark with be filming our adventure to create a rock-u-mentary as well. Rumor has it that Fruits de Mer may release some of the All-Dayer performances on vinyl. Wish us luck!

A Week Went By…

…and now it’s July! (RIP FZ) We’ve made it to the other side and our Kickstarter campaign was a great success. Thanks again to all who participated in helping us achieve our goal. Most of the planning for our 2013 UK Tour is in order, including travel, lodging, equipment rental and a voltage regulator (so our 110 devices won’t burn up in the land of 220). We’re still waiting on one passport to be issued, but with a little luck that will arrive next week. 2013 UK Tour T-Shirts and Button Badges have been ordered as well. Now to finish up the mixing for Victoria Moon so we can choose what songs will make the grade and then layout the 8 page booklet to be included in the CD. 150 covers have been printed and are ready to assemble, which I’ll get to next week. I hope to be able to say that Victoria Moon is in the can on my next installment. This month is going to fly by! -Curvey

London Calling!

We are on a roll! I’ve been interviewed in Wild Thing Magazine (Greece) and we’ve made the front cover. The people behind the magazine like us so much that we have two songs included on their compilation CD, and they’re launching a label and want to press a single. I’ve also been interviewed by Bucket Full of Brains, a print only magazine (UK), which is to appear in the June issue and at the end of the story they’re mentioning our show in London on August 18th with the Pretty Things! Yes, we we’re contacted by the promoter and asked to be on the bill! This is where a huge favor comes into play….
We are going to be launching a Kickstarter Campaign to help us raise funds to get to the UK. We have had a lot of success with European labels lately, pressing 7 inch EPs and just recently the fabulous Butterfly Revolutions Vol. 1&2 double LP, but the current trend is to be paid with product, not cash. The labels issue bands a limited amount of free copies for us to sell and keep whatever profit we can make and in exchange they pay for the pressing, printing and a bit of advertising. We’ve saved most of our copies for this campaign, along with our next CD Victoria Moon and a bunch of other fun premiums, including the chance to have me paint a Drum Head or a Stratocaster for you.
This is our only hope of getting to the UK. We have two solid shows and two more in the works and though we realize the odds we would hate to have to cancel this fabulous opportunity, so please join us in a bit of fun. This will be a 30 day all or nothing campaign starting next week! http://www.wildthing.gr/eightmileshigh.php See you on the other side…..-Curvey

Return of the Butterfly!

Today (April 15th, 2013) is the official release date for Butterfly Revolutions Vol. 1 & 2 on 12″ LP format. HeadSpin Records (Netherlands) has put together 200 limited edition colored vinyl double LPs housed in a beautiful 350 gram jacket, including an insert with lyrics and photos, as well as 300 limited edition copies on black vinyl. The colored vinyl was hand picked by Curvey to match the cover art and we’re very excited!
Our video for Sassafras Overcoat, featuring burlesque stars Bella Canto and Ray Ray Sunshine, was well received, appearing on sites worldwide, and we’ll soon be getting started on the next one. As promised, we will release a video for each song on our next album, Victoria Moon. (At least that’s the plan…) Stay tuned!
We really want to get out of Chicago this Summer and you can help by calling your favorite local station and requesting The Luck of Eden Hall. Lets’ get buzzing, Spring is already here and times is flying.
Slow on the draw? Perhaps…but I’ve finally added a counter to our official website. Widgets were never my thing. The website is continually updated with information you may have missed on FaceBook and ReverbNation. Have a look!
This Saturday (April 20th) we will be celebrating National Record Store Day with a Noon performance at Vintage Vinyl in Evanston, IL (925 Davis Street). We’ll have rare copies of Eden Hall colored vinyl available on the Fruits de Mer label (UK), as well as the last 6 copies of When The Clock Starts To Wake Up We Go To Sleep (CD). Our music will forever be available in the digital format, but we have no plans to repress previously released CDs. The world is filled with enough clutter, don’t you think? Come out and grab one for your collection….See YOU there!

Life Is Fabulous!

Spring ahead! We have been busy little bees the past few weeks, and will soon be releasing a brand new video (featuring Chicago Burlesque stars Bella Canto and Ray Ray Sun-Shine) for the song (Sassafras Overcoat), which will be featured on our next collection of sounds (Victoria Moon), due this Summer. Master Lofgren has done it, once again, with this fabulous video, the first in a series for songs on VM for your enjoyment!
We’d also be shocked if you could name the location of where the video was filmed. Costumes used include two one hundred year old coats. One made of Buffalo and the other of Horse (at least YOU won’t be able to smell them). Doctor Who fans will take note of the scarf Carlos is wearing. Yes, it’s authentic! And Curvey’s Great Great Grandfather’s double- barreled shotgun, stuffed with a flower. You’ve probably seen images from the snowy photo shoot already…oh, and the burlesque girls play strip poker.
Moving right along…Victoria Moon may sound familiar to those of you that have been with us for the long haul. It was the title of an album recorded while we were on Limited Potential Records but never released, which was probably a good thing. Curvey saved all of the artwork, a collage of old illustrations ala Under The Sea. The type font was later used on Belladonna Marmalade. All of this historical retro stuff has inspired some great material, like Madelaine’s 2nd Voyage. We are excited (and Summer is approaching fast)!
April shows include the Double Door, Thursday the 25th, and our honored spot at Vintage Vinyl in Evanston for National Record Store Day on Saturday the 27th. It’s a FREE show for all ages at NOON. Did you know you could buy a turntable that hooks up to your favorite electronic device via USB? Life is fabulous!

13 Is A Lucky Number…

Our first psychedelic soiree of the season is on Thursday, January 24th, at the Abbey Pub. An ethereal photograph of TLoEH, taken on the Abbey stage, appears on the back of our latest FdM EP, of which Mark Barton (UK) declares “Essential Listening!”. Record Collector Magazine (UK), Shindig! Magazine (UK) and Timemazine (Greece) all featured write ups in their latest issues. Nothing like good old printed press! Clear Spot’s Head Spin label will be re-releasing Butterfly Revolutions Vol. 1 & 2 as a double vinyl LP (that’s a record) this spring. The art and songs have been submitted and we’re waiting on a release date. This is sure to pick things up a bit as Clear Spot is one of the Netherlands premier record distributors, and we thank Keith at Fruits de Mer Records for his referral! We have less than 9 copies of Alligators Eat Gumdrops still available here at TLoEH H.Q. and then they are sold out. Thanks again to all of you who have helped make this record a success. Have you had a chance to view our newest music video for A Carney’s Delirium? This is a Lofgren masterpiece, shot last summer at a local fair, with wonderful Ferris wheel scenes that are guaranteed to induce vertigo. Much more to come…

Things To Come…

Be on the look out for our next releases on Fruits de Mer Records coming in December. Remember FdM releases sell out fast (our last one in three days). The first is a four song 7″ EP with two of our original songs, Bangalore and This Is Strange, as well as Crystal Ship (Doors) and Black Sheep (SRC). The second is a Double 7″ EP dedicated to The Beatles White Album. We’ve taken a crack at Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey, and we’re honored to appear along side of The Pretty Things (Helter Skelter), Bevis Frond (Cry Baby Cry) and more!
Shindig! Magazine‘s final issue of the year will be hosting a contest give-away for Alligators Eat Gumdrops and possibly our FdM EP. Not yet sure of the details, but we’ll do our best to keep you informed.
We are to have a track included on the free CD in the next issue of Time Machine Psychedelic Fanzine in Greece, and a possible feature in Wild Thing.
Clear Spot has offered to press some of our releases on vinyl! Possible candidates are Alligators Eat Gumdrops and/or a Butterfly Revolutions Vol. 1 & 2 Double LP!
Don’t forget to watch us on the Late Night TV Show Seven On Ridge with host Micheal Essany, Friday November 9th at 10:30pm on WJYS TV channel 62!

Holy Smokes!

Did you hear about the two football field sized marijuana farms found on the south side of Chicago? Some of the plants were eight feet tall. Talking heads say it was worth $10,000,000.00 or more. Fascinating.

We’re ecstatic about being Valis’ Pick of the Week on the Trip Inside This House site and the first reviews have come in for Alligators Eat Gumdrops. Mark Barton and Jason Barnard both knocked us off our feet with their kind words of praise. Shindig! Magazine has promised a review soon and we’re scheduled for a free give-away contest in it’s final issue this year! Stay tuned to Shindig! and their sister site Happenings! for your chance to win. I believe the prize will be a copy of Alligators Eat Gumdrops & our next Fruits de Mer EP on colored vinyl, which is due this December. We’ve also made it to the finals on FdM’s tribute to the Beatles’ White Album with our version of Everybody’s Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey. We are absolutely thrilled about that one! It will include three other tracks, one of which is The Pretty Things version of Helter Skelter (I think…don’t take my word for it, go to www.fruitsdemerrecords.com and see.) Be sure to find the Late Night TV show Seven On Ridge on your local cable network and get ready to see us on Friday, November 12th at 10:30pm! Holy Smokes!

Birds and Bees

One of the songs I played in my first real band (Disengage) was Money by the Kingsmen. If I had the confidence then that I do now it would have been Pink Floyd’s Money, but, the Kingsmen song was a blast, singing “Your lovin’ gives me a thrill, but your lovin’ don’t pay my bills, I want money” as a young teenager with barely a crack of life’s experience, who was spending nearly every red cent on arcade games. And nothing in life is free, is it? As adults we spend all our money on adult games, like mortgage, insurance, etc.. It’s lucky for us that the arcade games have become free Aps! Thanks again to all of you who pre-ordered Alligators Eat Gumdrops. It’s been so busy here at LOEH H.Q. with interviews and mailing, that we’re just now sending out promo packages to radio and magazines. Good savory things are coming soon from Fruits de Mer Records (just in case you’ve already lost your taste for gumdrops…what?!?), a contest in Shindig! Magazine, a late night television show (Seven on Ridge) in November. We’ve got many deadlines to meet in the next two months. Wish us luck! It appears that some of the best things in life are free….$$$


A few years ago I purchased a Shakuhachi. It’s a Chinese flute made from the base of a bamboo stalk, stopping just before the roots start, creating a fat, knobby end. No fancy carving, but with it’s simple elegance and natural beauty none is needed. I’ve always been careful to wipe out the condensation from my breath after playing it for a long period of time as I feel taking care of musical instruments is important. One day I heard a loud snap. I had the feeling that it came from the Shakuhachi, so I went to take a look and, lo and behold, there was a crack down one side of the flute. I was really bummed, being that I’d taken such care to prevent something like that from happening. I called the store where I’d purchased it and was given the name and telephone number of the person who carved the flute. He told me that it was common for this to happen and that some ancient Shakuhachis are filled with cracks and held together by being wrapped in wire and silk threads. I relaxed. It seems we all crack sometime.

Alligators Eat Gumdrops is nearly ready. The master is off being duplicated, the art and design has been worked out and I have all of the supplies needed to start assembling the jackets. I’ve posted a photo of the prototype on Bandcamp and Facebook. Only 200 more to go! Did you place your order yet??? -Curvey

Batgirl In Bollywood

The Summer Solstice has passed. We enter Summer with four shows lined up for you, starting with the Double Door on Saturday, June 30th. This psych evening of sorts with five bands, including Max Pain and the Groovies from Salt Lake City boasting a trippy light show by Mad Alchemy, will also be accompanied by one of our hypno-love wheels and thee entire show will be available for viewing on www.gigity.TV/theluckofedenhall. Admission is FREE. (Warning to those who throw fits: these wheels will temporarily affect your vision. Enter at your discretion.) On Friday, July 6th we will be playing live in the WLUW studio on the Razor & Die Show. Really looking forward to this event, which will be videotaped and archived on www.therazoranddieshow.com as well! Razor and Die encourage you to come down to the studio and watch. (It’s located at 51 E. Pearson in Chicago, just off Michigan Ave). August brings an in-store performance at Saki Records on Saturday the 18th to promote the release of Alligators Eat Gumdrops, with the official record release show at the Double Door on Tuesday, August 21st! We shall expound upon that later… Alligators Eat Gumdrops is so close to being finished we can taste it. The aroma has filled the Rabbithole Studio like freshly baked tollhouse cookies, which is much needed to disguise the cat pan stench. We’ve only allowed stand out tracks to make it this far towards the final cut. Mars Williams (Psychedelic Furs, Liquid Soul) brilliantly plays his Saxophone on Love. Sitar drives the Batgirl in Bollywood train through Bangalore. We chew on California’s faults, the county fair barker, pornography, disdain and a slew of other positive topics. All sugar coated, of course! Never any preservatives, only chemicals and colors added. Each unique CD jacket will bare original artwork hand printed, stamped and numbered by Curvey. Pre-orders taken at luckofedenhall@gmail.com (which means we’ll hold a copy for you to purchase so you don’t miss out). Quantities will be limited to Curvey’s stamina and shall not exceed 200. Alligators Eat Gumdrops will be digitally available until the end of digital availableness. Stay tuned!

Straight From The Curvey Kitchen

Cooking up a new batch of songs is what this is all about. Lately it feels as if the continually ticking timer is ready to chime (ding!) at any moment. The Cooks of Eden Hall will forever be trying to top their last greatest effort, or at the very least live up to it, and the smells, thus far, are very promising. We’ve concocted 16 or so ditties that will inevitably be reduced to 12. Sometimes it boils down to the listening test. If one becomes nauseated, with the urge to skip a certain track every time it comes around on the menu, the track is doomed for the recycle dumpster. Sometimes the lonely ditty just won’t fit in with the rest, perhaps to be jumbled into a “Poor Little Ditties” release some day. In the end they shan’t be missed, and the final result is going to make for a great Summer soundtrack. Alligators Eat Gumdrops promises to be teeth rottingly chewy and sexually flavorful. Carlos, Mark and I are proud to welcome Jim Licka (Umbra and the Volcan Siege) on board tracking Mellotron, and we’ve secured Mars Williams (Psychedelic Furs, Liquid Soul) to track his Saxaphone. Yes, your mouth should be watering. Stay tuned…

CKCU Radio Interview May 21st

Curvey will have the honor of being interviewed by Bobby Marquis on his CKCU radio show in Canada, Monday, May 21st at 11am EST (10am CST). Bobby is the host of Pure Radio Kaos with a long catalog of interviews including many of the Frank Zappa alumni. Tune in!
Pure Radio Kaos

Sweets, Sex and Such

We have three shows in April to talk about. The 1st: a wild party in the Volcan Gallery on Friday, April 13th (!). A psychedelic basement trip of the highest order including Umbra And The Volcan Siege. The 2nd: will be at our favorite record store on the planet, Vintage Vinyl in Evanston, in honor of National Record Store Day, Saturday April 21st. The Luck of Eden Hall starts at Noon. This is an ALL AGES performance with FREE admission. Standing room only! Come early for your pick of our last vestiges of limited edition colored vinyl on the UK’s premier label Fruits de Mer Records. Some of these have already sold on Ebay for over 100 English Pounds! On second thought, maybe we’ll keep them….The 3rd: the International Pop Overthrow Festival at Red Line Tap. Again this is an ALL AGES show, but admission is $10. Mark your calendars.

We’ve been down in the Rabbit Hole busily working on this years model. A delicious collection of day-glo candy coated morsels, seeping with fuzz and echoplex, set to pounding, rhythmical machinery and guaranteed to keep the alligators smiling. Including the title track Alligators Eat Gumdrops, Queen Of The Stars, Wasting The Days Of Youth, Supernatural, Goodnight Anne Berlin, Love, Bangalore, Suicide Machine, Wind It Up Or Death Will Take You, Summertime Girl, This Is Strange, Amoreena Had Enough, Under Victoria Moon, Cirque du Enfant, Then You Run When The Morning Comes…..after sampling, we bet you’ll consume the whole teeth rotting thing! Look for it in late Summer.

Butterfly Revolutions Vol. 1 is officially sold out! We aren’t running many copies of our current releases as we’re trying to be as green as possible. If you want an official hard copy. Get one now. www.cdbaby.com Digital downloads will be available until the Lords of Control decides otherwise….I guess.

WXRT Chicago

DJ Richard Milne on WXRT in Chicago has scheduled an interview with Curvey and Lofgren for his show Local Anesthetic, to be aired on Sunday, February 12th at 7:30pm! Stay tuned…INTERVIEW

The Luck of Eden Hall – Friday 1/20 at Abbey Pub – A Concert Preview

Looking for some live psychedelic rock this weekend? Well look no further than The Luck of Eden Hall’s record release party on January 20th at Abbey Pub. Celebrating the release of Butterfly Revolutions, Vol. 2, The Luck of Eden Hall will be performing Friday night with fellow Chicagoans I Lost Control and The Bright White.

Following July’s Butterfly Revolutions, Vol. 1, the recent release of Butterfly Revolutions, Volume 2 continues to showcase The Luck of Eden Hall’s diverse brand of psychedelic rock. “Henrietta Lacks a Smile” is a well written song that, free of frills, puts the focus squarely on the piano accompanied vocals of Gregory Curvey (until a string section turns things upside down about half way through) and it would be right at home on The Flaming Lips’ 2006 effort At War With the Mystics.

I referred above to the band’s “diverse brand of psychedelic rock” and it’s something that I really keep coming back to with their albums. While the aforementioned “Henrietta Lacks a Smile” relies almost entirely on piano/vocals, “Chrysalide” (from Butterfly Revolutions, Vol. 1) gives us an idea of what it would sound like if Wayne Coyne sang over Ray Manzarek’s keyboard instead of Jim Morrison while the soaring guitars of “We Go To Sleep” (from 2009’s When The Clock Starts to Wake Up We Go To Sleep) make it pretty clear why Billy Corgan once called The Luck of Eden Hall “an excellent psychedelic band.”

Indeed one of Chicago’s finest psychedelic rock bands, The Luck of Eden Hall should be a blast in the live setting Friday at Abbey Pub. Get all the details on Friday’s release party below.
Jim Ryan -Chicago At Night (Jan. 2012)


This is thee gift for the psych fan on your list! Available on iTunes, CDBaby, Amazon, Record Heaven and more….


The Holy Season is upon us….. already! Butterfly Revolutions Vol. 2 came in the door yesterday only to start going back out the door today as promos for radio and magazines. The release of Butterfly Revolutions Vol.1 this Summer was really a blast for us and we’re gearing up for another run for Butterfly Revolutions Vol. 2. Fruits de Mer Records has released “Keep Off The Grass”, a double LP containing two chewy slabs of apple green (sold out at FdM H.Q. in the first week as well!) featuring our version of Thunderclap Newman’s “Something In The Air”, which makes for a real exciting end to an amazingly fantastic year! Yes?!? We made Nick’s top ten releases of the year in Heyday(UK)! We’ve posted a new music video for Metropolis(BR Vol.2)! A couple of days ago my daughter told me Santa Claus was fake! No!?! My family’s having a Holiday party to collect money and food for the less fortunate….always working on the Karma…. and even with all these special things happening (Presidential elections aside) we look forward to sharing the further adventures of The Luck of Eden Hall with YOU in 2012! Don’t touch that dial…..


Yes! We’re ecstatic about the news ourselves! Our EP officially sold out in the first week after it’s release. There will be a review of it in the next issue of Shindig! Quarterly, who’s current issue has a featured review of Butterfly Revolutions Vol.1 and a handsome band photo (taken by the symbolist artist Gail Potocki). A real honor.
We are gearing up for the release of Butterfly Revolutions Vol. 2 which was mastered at Kingsize Studio, Chicago, by Mike Hagler. It should be manufactured in a couple weeks and ready to drop in November. Stay tuned for new LOEH videos by Lord Lofgren….and you don’t want to miss out on the next FdM release, titled Keep Off The Grass. Our sixth release this year! (Roqueting Through Space, Butterfly Revolutions Vol. 1, She Comes In Colors EP, Your Psych Tunes Vol. 8, Butterfly Revolutions Vol. 2, Keep Off The Grass) That’s a full year’s work, yes?? You say you want more….stay tuned in.


We’ve received word from FdM H.Q., UK, that, as Andy puts it “Everything has gone mentally mad around here!” and our EP is officially SOLD OUT! Our apologies to those of you who missed the opportunity to own a slice of vinyl history. Sincerely. (Next time you’ll have to jump quicker!) So, keep your eyes peeled, and be on the look out for “Keep Off The Grass”, Fruits de Mer’s next release featuring yours truly.


We have received word from FdM H.Q., UK, that their follow up release for 2010’s A Phase We’re Going Through, which included our phased rendition of the Monkee’s classic Love Is Only Sleeping, and was picked as Album of the Year in Classic Rock Magazine, has been slated for release before the end of this year. Titled Keep Off The Grass it will include two glorious 33 1/3 platters of multicolored petroleum byproduct and may contain the following delicious entrees:

Cranium Pie’s Baking Research Station, with ‘Welcome to the Citadel’ (originally by Marc Brierley)
Daedalus Spirit Orchestra – ‘White Rabbit’ (Jefferson Airplane)
Dead Sea Apes – ‘Land Of The Sun’ (Skip Spence) Earthling Society – ‘Dark Side of the Mushroom’ (Chocolate Watch Band) Extra-‘Utterly Simple'(Traffic)                                                                                                   Hills Have Riffs – ‘Down By The River’ (The Godz) Jay Tausig – ‘Open My Eyes’ (Nazz) King Penguin – ‘Thoughts & Words’ (The Byrds)                                                    Langor – ‘Rain’ (The Beatles) Octopus Syng – ‘Midsummer Night’s Scene’ (John’s Children) Permanent Clear Light – ‘Cymbaline’ (Pink Floyd)                                                      Sendelica – ‘Journey To The Center Of Your Mind’ (Amboy Dukes)                  Sky Picnic –’Revolution’ (Tomorrow) The Bevis Frond – ‘Creepin’ Around’ (The Seeds) The Luck of Eden Hall – ‘Something In The Air’ (Thunderclap Newman)        Stay – ‘Back Of Your Mind’ (Nazz) The Past Tense – ‘Shattered’ (The Good Feelin’s) The Seven Rings of Saturn – ‘Ten Thousand Words in a Cardboard Box’ (Aquarian Age) Zombies of the Stratosphere – ‘Sunshine River’ (Gemini)

Please keep in mind that the menu is subject to unforeseen circumstances and weather conditions, but one thing is for certain. Our tape flanged version of Something In The Air is guaranteed to bring down the thunder! Keep your ears open…


The next item we have to offer is a limited edition pressing on colored vinyl from the wonderful folks at Fruits de Mer Records (UK). This little slab of succulence will include two original tracks, Chrysalide and The Ottoman Girl backed with two covers of psychedelic classics, She Comes In Colors, originally by Love, and our introspective sitar laden version of Never My Love, originally by the Association. The Official release date is October 3rd. Pre-orders are being taken NOW at www.fruitsdemerrecords.com. Fruits de Mer releases always sell out, so get one while you can!


The first volume of our two part album Butterfly Revolutions was officially released on July 1st, 2011, to rave reviews across this beautiful globe. Here are a few samples: “A cracking new album!” Shindig’s Happening! magazine (UK); “Ravishing!” Gew Gaw (Greece); “The Luck of Eden Hall flies high with Butterfly Revolutons!” JP’s Music Blog (United States); “This disc gets a good offer which is for my taste but a little too short!” Musik Zirkus Magazine (Germany). Butterfly Revolutions Vol. 1 is available NOW at www.cdbaby.com and www.iTunes.com.