Own a Unique Souvenir by winning this contest!

Drum Head piece cut out

When Curvey painted Carlos’ bass drum head we unfortunately had to cut a hole in it for a microphone. The piece is the size of a CD (see the photo above). You can win this ultimate souvenir for your very own by being the first one to turn on 10 of your friends to The Luck of Eden Hall! Be the first one to get 10 people to join our Fan Club and it’s yours!

Please make a list of the 10 folks you’ve successfully brought into the fold and send it along with your mailing address to luckofedenhall@gmail.com with the heading “Drum Head Contest”. Get your friends to join our fan club by filling in the required information on the link at the bottom of this page!

The first one to get there wins. There can only be one winner so best of luck to YOU!