Victoria Moon is born! Up next is the release of a wonderful film called The Stream featuring original soundtrack music by Curvey. A moving adventure where you need the force of friendship to prevail.

Take your kids to the movies for a great cause! Regal Cinemas premieres “The Stream” on October 18th , a family comedy benefiting the Boys & Girls Clubs Of America. For up-to-date information about the movie and details regarding the BGOA charity, visit “The Stream”, the Dreaming Tree Foundation, the Boys & Girls Clubs Of America, and Robert Petril “Design On The Edge”.

Distribution for the film in other countries (including France and Germany) are in the works and the DVD release is set for Spring of 2014.

Premiere: October 18, 2013
Director: Estlin Feigley
Main Cast: Christopher Gorham, Mario Lopez, Kelly Rutherford, Rainn Wilson

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