Eight Miles High

The Luck of Eden Hall

The Luck of Eden Hall is a music group from Chicago that for more than two decades has silently recorded and released a number of psychedelic pop arabesques of comparable quality to such past artefacts as e.g. those of The Dukes of Stratosphear and other such old purveyors of brilliant psych pop. We realized all these facts relatively recently with great surprise through Fruits de Mer Records releases; so we made ​​sure to get in touch with Curvey, apparently the mastermind of the band with the strange name. Then we listened to their latest album ‘Alligators Eat Gumdrops’ and were even more excited about their case. As they prepare for a new album in 2013 (and have already released a single from it on the net), we thought it was now time to introduce them in more detail to Wild Thing readers. So here is what Curvey told us in an interview…

Wild Thing Interview