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Butterfly Revolutions Vol. 2
Limited Edition Double LP on Colored Vinyl (200)/ Black Vinyl (300)
2011 was the year of ‘THE BUTTERFLY’ and during that year LUCK OF EDEN HALL released their ambitious magnum opus ‘Butterfly Revolutions’ as two subsequent volumes seperately on CD. Now these volumes are combined in this stunning DOUBLE LP, housed in a majestic 350 gram GATEFOLD sleeve, including an insert with lyrics and photo’s, with two slabs of 180 gram vinyl. Named after a 13th century drinking glass made in Spain that’s reputed to be a fairy cup with mystical powers, The Luck Of Eden Hall have been casting their own psychedelic fairy dust over this double-LP. What we have here are 24 ‘mind-expanding’ songs full of ’60s influences (from the Beatles and the Byrds to Stones, Love and Floyd) filtered with today’s sound. A mix of melodic, dreamy psychedelically catchy tunes that sometimes become a little heavier or more rock-oriented, all dressed with nice vocals, interesting effects and great musicianship. The Luck Of Eden Hall really knows how to write brilliant, melodic, catchy and beautiful pop/rock tunes! Some say they might be at their best on the dreamy, soft ballads but these guys can also rock out with a heavy, fuzz-filled touch and at times they expand into highly psychedelic, hallucinatory worlds.

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